Tamborine Mountain


This was the second time that Michael and I had been to this beautiful part of the world together but this time we took all of our children. It was a very different experience with the kids but just as wonderful. We stayed at Magpie Creek Farmstay through Air BNB and it was magnificent. Quiet, very affordable and quaint. Just what we needed. Large enough space for three teenagers, nine year old twins and the two of us. The pool was perfect and the kids enjoyed spending time with the horses.



Our main goal was not to pat horses however. It was to go hiking. So, we packed up our IMG_2884.jpgbags with some water and snacks and off we went. We started at Witches Falls Track which is quite an easy hike. It’s about 3km, there aren’t any tricky inclines and the track is obvious. There are some really lovely spots along the track to stop and revere nature but with the children there wasn’t much stopping. We got to the lookout which is right beside the main waterfall and it only took about 45 minutes. Michael sent the drone up for a couple of shots which gives a completely different perspective of the landscape.  From the lookout, we made our way back to the car and headed for the next track.

Captured by the drone

The second track was in the Joalah Conservation Reserve, Eagle Heights. This wasn’t where we thought we would end up but Michael saw the sign and made a last minute decision to turn and try it out.  Just another spur of the moment choice by one of us that turned out to be a fantastic surprise. The track again was very easy to navigate but this one was very busy!! It ended at a gorgeous waterfall and creek area. There were some stairs to climb but nothing very difficult. We spent some time admiring the view before we headed back to the car and then back ‘home’ for a quiet afternoon.

While we were in the area, we visited the glow worm caves. The tour starts with a short information video and then we were taken through the human made glow worm cave. The guide was informative and entertaining and this was a great way to spend some time with the kids.

As always with our travels, we had a great time and made some brilliant memories. We can absolutely recommend Tamborine Mountain for some beautiful easy hikes and the Air BNB accommodation at Magpie Creek Farmstay was perfect.

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