Great Ocean Road

So one of Kel’s bucket list items was a trip to the Great Ocean Road, a stretch of coastline in Victoria. We had only been together a short time but thought it would be a fun trip and started drafting a rough plan and time involved. I wanted to take her via the Newell highway so we could stop at the Anglo Australian Telescope and the Parke Radio Telescope as we both have an interest in astronomy.

Maryborough to Great Ocean Road

Maryborough to the start of the Great Ocean Road is 2021km or a 22 Hour drive, we only had 12 days for the trip. Our first night stop for the trip was Moree, NSW in which we met up with my Parents who were also doing a trip (Except they never stop!) and also met-up with my sister and my niece and nephew who were making the move to Canberra to Darwin.

On the way we camped at an amazing little place called Pilliga pottery just out of Coonabarabran. They had some amazing work and we learnt a bit talking to the potters at work.

Next stop was the Anglo Australian Telescope, we both have a great interest in Astronomy so it was great to see such a massive piece of engineering.

IMG_0206.jpgContinuing the theme further along we took time to look at the Parke radio telescope.

Making it into Melbourne, we were just going to head straight onto the Great Ocean Road but decided to stop into Werribee Mansion & Park. The gardens were simply amazing and so was the building and its history, giving the tent a break we booked a room for the night and spent the night in some luxury which happened to turn into two nights. đŸ™‚



Screen Shot 2017-12-16 at 1.28.11 pm.png

We started at Bells Beach and decided to spend most of our time exploring around the Port Campbell area, I had been on the road before but was just beautiful to return and share the breathtaking scenery with such a gorgeous lady who has the same appreciation for the simple things as myself. We did however take a helicopter flight over the 12 apostles, Kellies first time in a helicopter and sheer excitement on her face was something I will always remember. More than the flight itself.

We Spent hours taking in the rugged coast, exploring sea caves and admiring the powerful southern ocean.



Having reached what we came to see and many things along the way, I always travel with the attitude of “its about the journey, not the destination“.

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