Hot Air Ballooning!

Something that we both have always wanted to do is go in a hot air balloon. That’s pretty much all the motivation we need to make something happen so I bought space on a balloon at the Gold Coast for Michael’s birthday. We had three attempts at the venture as it was cancelled due to weather but the third time was the charm.

We stayed in AirBNB accommodation which was not too far away from the take off site. We had to get up at 4:00 a.m. in order to catch the shuttle bus to the launch site. This would never usually be a problem for us but it just so happens that I was unwell. Now, I mean, I was unwell! I had a headache for three days preceding the scheduled flight. I was on some pretty heavy medication to try to ease the pain (which wasn’t working by the way) Michael checked in with me to see how I was feeling but I was not putting it off again. I was determined that pain and illness would not stop me. I was stupid!!

We got to the shuttle bus without too much fuss and the organisers were fantastic. They were punctual, friendly and informative. (I will put the link for the company that we IMG_2073used at the bottom of this post). My head was pounding but we were so excited I tried to ignore it. Michael was the first to be called into the basket and off he went then it was my turn to climb in. We had photos taken and then it was take off time. The pilot was from South Africa and he was great. There were about twenty people in the basket in total. The heat from the flame was immense but definitely bearable. The journey was amazing. It was so peaceful and smooth. Just floating up in the sky. It was really wonderful. But, in true Kellie style, nothing goes smoothly. The pain in my head got too much to bear and I vomited over the side of the basket and very nearly feinted. Classy right?! I was so embarrassed and poor Michael did his best to take care of me and make sure I was alright.

Landing was a little bumpy but it was fun and it made me smile. After the flight was over, we had to help pack up the balloon. I didn’t help much but Michael got into it and had a good time. Part of the deal we used was that you got breakfast at a really lovely restaurant. Michael enjoyed his…I didn’t eat anything. All in all it was a fantastic experience that I want to repeat when I am feeling well. We can recommend a hot air balloon ride for anyone looking for a quiet jaunt across the sky.

Now for the next adventure! Happy travels.

  • Please note that we get no benefits from mentioning brands, companies or products. We just like to spread the word when something is great.


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