Hot Air Ballooning!

Something that we both have always wanted to do is go in a hot air balloon. That's pretty much all the motivation we need to make something happen so I bought space on a balloon at the Gold Coast for Michael's birthday. We had three attempts at the venture as it was cancelled due to... Continue Reading →

What an Adventure!

We went to the great NZ and beautiful, glorious and amazing don’t even come close to explaining what it is truly like. I was hoping to see snow for the first time and…well let’s just say that I wasn’t disappointed. The second day that we were there, the country experienced the biggest storms and snowfalls... Continue Reading →

New Zealand

So we decided that a trip to New Zealand would be a great idea! Michael spent much of his childhood in New Zealand but didn’t spend a lot of time in the south. Soooo of course, that is where we are heading. Queenstown in July. It will be cold and wonderful and I am hoping... Continue Reading →

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